Our Whole Plant, Wholistic Infusion process creates Hemp Extract directly from hemp flowers grown right here in our CA farm.  Unlike other Hemp extract brands, we believe the best healing qualities of the plant are closest to the plant.  We use a non-violent extraction process, we are not into solvents or harsh chemicals like butane or CO2.  Instead, we add our hemp to a base oil (Olive oil) to prepare it for infusion.  Then we leverage our MESO T5 Method of temperature, time, tuning, thought and testing.  The perfect blend of these 5 processes working together is what creates the magic our customers and loved ones rely on.  

Our full-spectrum oil is 100% pure.

MESO T5 Method

We vary the temperatures of our small batches to capture the highest levels and broadest spectrum of healing compounds.
Time is of the essence, it dictates the the quality of our products. We leverage different lengths of time to increase our product strength.
Truth, Love and Health. We believe in speaking health into our products existence, before, during, and after the manufacturing process. We even include it on our packaging.
Everything is a frequency and becuase of that we make sure to tune in. We leverage vibrations and frequencies to maximize effectiveness.
Everything we make is 3rd party lab tested, three times, to ensure it surpasses both their high quality standards and ours.


MESO T5 Method

Our propriety small batch art meets science, wrapped in love, truth and intention.


We grow our own non GMO hemp in California to ensure organic principles are followed and that our plants are at the highest quality.

Test #1

We confirm the quality of our hemp flower by testing for cannabinoid and terpene content, pesticides, and heavy metals before infusion begins.


Then comes our proprietary MESO T5 Method lipid infusion process with time, temperature, tuning, thought with testing to once again follow.


Once infused, our extracts our we pressed and oil filtered away from the plant.

Test #2

We test the infused hemp extract a second time to ensure the correct cannabinoid and terpene profiles have been attained.


Infused hemp extract is then mixed with an olive oil and essential oil blend.

Test #3

To ensure final consistency and quality, the blended contents are tested for a third time.


Structures are filled with our high-quality blends.

Certificate of Quality

Our finished products are guaranteed and ready to help you achieve your optimal health and wellness

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