MESO Healthy is committed to helping those in need, those who are looking for assistance.  Our CBD oil is rich in healing properties and offer a natural and safe way to alleviate aliments associated with compromised health.  Stress, lack of sleep and mild discomfort, can be supported through feelings of calm, and much more.  Founded on caring for our own loved ones, we understand the importance of getting results and reinstalling hope into life.  We don’t want money to get in the way so that is why we offer this financial assistance program.  We believe everyone should have access to the health supporting properties of CBD oil products.


Our program is designed to help customers in need better afford the hemp oil products that bring them relief. Here’s how it works:

Complete an application that details your personal information and description of your chronic illness or disability. We need this information to better understand your hemp oil needs. Your doctor’s name and address is also required.

Upload proof of your illness or disability. Examples of proof include: a recent doctor or hospital receipt, a scanned copy of a prescription, photo of the prescription bottle label. Note: cover any section such as prescription numbers to keep your information private and secure.

Your application will be reviewed. You will receive an answer in 3 to 7 days.

If approved, you will receive confirmation that you are part of MESO Healthy’s MESO Care Family.

You’ll receive 50% discount each time you purchase MESO Healthy CBD oil and mushroom tincture products. Note: the 50% discount excludes taxes or shipping fees.


Please briefly describe your chronic illness or disability below so that we may better understand your situation and possible CBD needs. 


Registration is free and easy! 

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